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Keto Zucchini Chips are a recipe made in the dehydrator, brushed with a little olive oil, and seasoned with Everything But the Bagel Seasoning. This zucchini recipe is a great way to preserve some of that produce that seems to flood the garden every year!

Say goodbye to carb laden potato chips, because there is a new chip in town! These Zucchini Chips are perfect for when you are looking for a crunchy snack, but want to stick to your Keto diet. The best part is you only need 3 ingredients to make this recipe and you won’t feel guilty if you end up eating the whole bag!

Keto Zucchini Chips with Everything but the bagel seasoning in a bowl wi

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Why I made the recipe for Keto Zucchini Chips in the dehydrator

Being on a low-carb diet can be challenging when you are looking for a snack. One of Grumpy’s go to snacks was potato chips, and he was picky about those also! His potato chips had to be Lay’s Wavy brand. In his day, he would eat an entire bag by himself!

We have a LEM Dehydrator that we bought to make jerky with. While we have made venison jerky a few times, I had yet to do anything else with it. Because we have a massive garden this year, I wanted to try dehydrating veggies. Making chips out of zucchini was my first feat!

A bowl of Keto Zucchini Chips with a blue napkin

Abundant Zucchini – problems and solutions

Once of the problems with a garden, is if you miss a day getting out there, you can find overgrown zucchini the next day. I swear, zucchini has a growth hormone that causes it to expand 4 times it size in two days. I’m not kidding! We ended up having several zucchini that were a little on the large size.

When you have zucchini that has overgrown, you end up with a center that is soft and has large seeds. This is the part of the zucchini that really isn’t the best to eat or use in cooking. When you make these Keto Zucchini Chips, you are drying that portion out. As a result, you are able to utilize the entire zucchini with no waste!

seasoned zucchini slices in the dehydrator prior to drying

Equipment needed to make Keto Zucchini Chips

I love my OXO Mandoline for slicing. You have 4 settings for thickness as well as other slicing options, such as julienne and french fry cuts. For the Keto Zucchini Chips, I used the slicer attachment at the 1/16th inch cut and it was too thin. As a result, the center of the chip stuck to the dehydrator. I moved to 1/8 inch cut for my second batch and that was the perfect sized cut.

We bought a LEM 5 Tray Dehydrator last year so we could make jerky. Little did I realize, how handy it was going to be for us when we decided we wanted to start homesteading! Dehydrating vegetables is a great way to preserve them. And, I have been having a great time experimenting with it so far.

Ingredients needed to make this zucchini recipe

You will need 1 large zucchini, some olive oil, and Everything but the Bagel Seasoning. I found that one large zucchini was the right size to fill the entire dehydrator (that is 5 trays).

sliced zucchini rings in a bowl

The great thing about this zucchini recipe is it is very versatile. While I used Everything But The Bagel Seasoning to season the chips, you could make any flavor that you wanted to! Possibilities are endless, just think of the different potato chip flavors out there and go with it!

How to coat the zucchini slices with Everything But the Bagel Seasoning

I have seen where people will toss the oil and seasoning onto the zucchini and I did try that. However, I found that the zucchini slices still stuck together and tossing in oil doesn’t solve that problem. Hence, there were some chips with no oil and no seasoning. Not to mention, some of the zucchini seems to become way to saturated with oil because of it.

lightly brushing olive oil on the zucchini slices

Alternatively, I used my pastry brush. I lightly coated just one side of the zucchini slice with oil and sprinkled a tiny bit of Everything But The Bagel Seasoning over top. It is so easy and far less messy as your hands aren’t getting oily from trying to separate zucchini slices that you tried to toss with oil and seasoning!

zucchini slices on dehydrator tray with seasoning sprinkled on top

What to serve with Keto Zucchini Chips

What’s a chip without a dip? We love to have chips and dip! Some of our favorite dip recipes to eat these Keto Zucchini Chips with are Quick and Easy Caramelized Onion Dip and Mom’s Green Olive and Garlic Veggie Dip!

If your serving a variety of snacks to your family or guests I like to make these Keto Cheese Puffs or Keto Tortilla Chips. And, if you want to offer a sweet snack, try these Strawberry Rhubarb Cookies!

Pinnable Image for Keto Zucchini Chips with Everything but the Bagel Seasoning

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Keto Zucchini Chips with Everything but the Bagel Seasoning
Yield: 6 people

Keto Zucchini Chips with Everything but the Bagel Seasoning

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 6 hours 30 minutes
Total Time: 6 hours 40 minutes

Dehydrated zucchini chips seasoned with Everything but the Bagel Seasoning are a great keto zucchini recipe for low carb snacking!



  1. Place zucchini slices on dehydrator. Be sure to not overlap slices.
  2. Using a pastry brush, lightly coat the top side of zucchini with olive oil.
  3. Sprinkle each slice of zucchini with Everything but the Bagel Seasoning
  4. Place trays in dehydrator and set time for 6-1/2 hours.
  5. If zucchini chips are still not crisp at the end of dehydrating time, set the dehydrator for 30 more minutes. Continue until chips dehydrated.
  6. Store in a ziploc bag with the air removed from the bag as much as possible. Do not refrigerate.

Nutrition Information:



Serving Size:

6 people

Amount Per Serving: Calories: 42Saturated Fat: 1gSodium: 10mgCarbohydrates: 4gFiber: 1gSugar: 3gProtein: 2g