fully assembled stone fire pit

This DIY Stone Fire Pit is an easy and economical way to have a lasting piece of yard work that will be the center of family entertainment for many years!

DIY Stone Fire Pit

A Stone Fire Pit is not only a functional item to have in your yard, but it is also a very attractive piece of work. A place where family and friends will love to gather around with you at the end of the day or at the start of the weekend.

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Getting a Stone Fire Pit Upgrade

We had a firepit that we bought at Lowe’s Home Improvement store for about 9 years. However, that firepit finally bit the dust. Literally, the bottom rusted out. And, while that fire pit lasted us a good long time, we realized when doing our research that we could replace it with a more attractive and longer lasting solution by building our own fire pit with stone!

Building this DIY Stone Fire Pit took just a few hours! You only need the patience to allow the glue to dry before you can actually use it.

Tools needed to build a stone fire pit

This is really so basic! The hardest part of the entire job is lifting and moving the stone. Other than I am challenged when it comes to measurements etc, I could have done this by myself!

Applying adhesive to the stone

Cost Breakdown for Materials

We bought all of our materials to build this Stone Fire Pit at Lowe’s Home Improvement Store. Prices may vary depending on location.

  • 4”x11” flagstone block $2.38 each
  • 42 blocks – $100.00
  • Gorilla construction adhesive $7.98 each
  • 5 tubes – $40.00
  • Total: $140.00 plus tax
using a rubber mallet to set the stone in place after gluing

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DIY Stone Fire Pit lit

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fully assembled stone fire pit

How to Build a Stone Fire Pit

How to build a stone fire pit in your backyard homestead
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Build Time: 3 hours
Total Time: 3 hours
Servings: 1 fire pit


Equipment Needed

Materials Needed

  • 42 4”x11” flagstone wall blocks (or blocks of your choice)
  • 5 gorilla construction adhesive
  • Sand or stone for base (optional)


  • Prepare an area for your stone fire pit. If your using sand or stone for the base dig out the area a little larger than the size of your firepit so you have a little room for adjustments if needed.
  • Flatten and level the base of your fire pit. Dig down 3-4 inches and add your base material, tamp area flat and level. (you can use a hand tamper or one of your wall blocks) After your base is flat and level you can start setting your first course of blocks. (I used 14 blocks per course because I wanted it a little larger, standard size fire pit kits are 12 blocks per course)
  • Set your courses. Once you have the first course set and level you can start setting the second course, set your blocks by staggering the joints.
  • Apply adhesive. Once all your blocks are set and they are lined up (second course only) you can then remove one block at a time and apply the construction adhesive. (apply adhesive to the top of the first course)
  • Set and align the block. Once adhesive is applied reset block and use the rubber mallet to seat and align the block. (continue with the other 13 blocks) Once the second course is complete use the same steps to complete the third course.
  • Final note: By setting your blocks before applying adhesive allows you to make any adjustments or play with color patterns because there’s no removing the adhesive once its applied. Give the adhesive 24hrs to completely dry before your first fire.

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