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This recipe for Homemade Tartar Sauce goes great with any type of fish, not to mention, dipping your fries into! It is quick to toss together and full of sweet relish and onion flavors stirred into your mayonnaise. Next time you want to serve fish, and find you have no dipping sauce, be sure to whip up a batch of this for your family!

Homemade Tartar Sauce Recipe

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Why make your own homemade tartar sauce recipe?

Because I love a sweet tartar sauce recipe, I knew I would need to have a sweet homemade tartar sauce for my fried cod fish sticks. So, I had to come up with a way to make a sweet relish of my own as sugar-free relish doesn’t seem to be a thing in the grocery store.

Having said that, when I was a child, I never ate a tartar sauce from the grocery store! My mom always made her own. Sometimes she would use dill relish, and other times she would go with a sweet. However, my all time favorite was the sweet relish mixed with a little onion!

The mayonnaise for your homemade tartar sauce

First of all, let me start by saying that I only eat store-bought mayonnaise. For years I have eaten Hellmann’s and it has been the only mayo I would touch. It is what I grew up with. Recently a friend let me to try the gold lid Kraft mayo. I haven’t opened the jar yet, but when I do, I will be sure to come back and let you know if I recommend it!

I know making a keto recipe, most people will use avocado mayo, or make their own. If you do that, it is all good and fine. However, I don’t feel the strict need to do so. Plus, I have an aversion to eggs in particular when they are not cooked. So, I leave the mayo making to the brands!

ingredients measured out for recipe

One of the easiest keto sauces to make

This homemade tartar sauce is so easy to make. It is only a few ingredients. The only special ingredient is the no sugar added Vlasic Bread and Butter Pickle Spears. If you can’t find this product, I recommend you go with a dill relish and add a tiny bit of sweetener to the sauce recipe.

Because I like a little bit of bite in my tartar sauce, I like to add a small amount of finely diced onion. If you don’t like onion, it’s ok, just leave it out. I always dice mine finely so I don’t get big chunks of it. I mostly just like the flavor.

ingredients in mixing bowl before mixing

Storing your homemade tartar sauce

When it comes to storing your tartar sauce, I would say that up to 2 weeks is safe. Outside of that, I would hesitate to use it. However, if you are like us, you will likely use it up before then. We love a lot of sauce with our fish!

homemade tartar sauce recipe ingredients in mixing bowl

Other sauces you may enjoy with fish

Not everyone loves tartar sauce. Most of the time, I myself will choose a sweet tartar sauce over anything else. However, other people I am friends with are on the different side of the spectrum!

Some other great keto friendly sauces you can serve with your fish would be Bang Bang Sauce, Thousand Island Salad Dressing, or Dill Dijon Mustard Sauce!

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Homemade Tartar Sauce Recipe
Yield: 7

Homemade Tartar Sauce Recipe

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes

Low carb and keto friendly recipe for tartar sauce


  • 1/2 cup mayonnaise
  • 1/4 cup sugar free pickles, chopped
  • 1 tbsp sugar free pickle juice
  • 1 tbsp onion, finely diced
  • 1 tsp lemon juice, fresh squeezed


  1. Mix all ingredients together well. Store in refrigerator until ready to use.

Nutrition Information



Serving Size

7 Servings

Amount Per Serving Calories 62